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Top 5: Best Opeth Albums

Swedish band Opeth are never afraid to push the boundaries of progressive metal. Fronted by singer/guitarist Mikael Akerfeldt, Opeth has released eleven albums over its twenty year history. Evolving from death metal to pure progressive rock, and incorporating influences of folk, blues, jazz and classical music, it is debatable which album is considered their best among Opeth fans. Of their colorful discography, which albums stand out as the best by Crash And Ride Music?

Here’s your Top 5 Opeth albums according to Crash And Ride Music:

5. “Damnation”

opeth damnation

Going soft before it was cool, “Damnation” contained a complete change of pace from previous albums with acoustic guitars and entirely clean vocals.

4. “Deliverance”

opeth deliverance

It only makes sense that “Damnation’s” companion be on this list as well. An intense performance, “Deliverance” is one of Opeth’s most aggressive albums since its first.

3. “Pale Communion”

opeth pale communion

Winner of Prog Magazine’s Album of the Year, “Pale Communion” is definitely a must listen, provided you’re ok with another album lacking death growls.

2. “Ghost Reveries”

opeth ghost reveries

The first Opeth album I’ve ever purchased, “Ghost Reveries” is pure nostalgia for me.

1. “Watershed”

opeth watershed

Ah “Watershed.” After some time away from the band, it took one of my friends to remind me of this amazing album. The last to feature Mikael’s death growls, “Watershed” is Opeth’s masterpiece.

Do you agree with this list? What Opeth albums make up YOUR Top 5?

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  1. Excellent list! Really hard to go wrong with Opeth, in general. I loved Watershed at top spot, but I would probably swap out Damnation and Pale Communion’s places. I love Damnation a little more. 😉

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