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Top 5: Best The Mars Volta Albums

American progressive rock band The Mars Volta may have disbanded years ago, but their unique sound has influenced numerous contemporary bands today. Headed by Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, this partnership has played music together for decades, and has even recently reunited with one of their first projects At The Drive-In. Ranging from progressive rock, to Latin jazz, jazz fusion and experimental, their six LP’s and two EP’s have more than enough material to keep you busy. But which album is their best?

Enjoy as Crash And Ride Music lists off the Top 5 Best The Mars Volta albums:

5. “Noctourniquet”

the mars volta noctourniquet

Their last album released, “Noctourniquet” is written without key members Ikey Owens and Jon Theodore. A more stripped down and direct approach to songwriting, it is still a memorable album.

4. “Tremulant”

the mars volta tremulant

Their first ever production, “Tremulant” is a small collection of what The Mars Volta would expand upon with their first album. It just so happens that album is…

3. “Deloused In The Comatorium”

the mars volta deloused in the comatorium

I know this masterpiece is more than likely placed lower on this list than most fans’ list, but nonetheless “Deloused…” is a strong album.

2. “Amputechture”

the mars volta amputechture

This album is purely chaotic and experimental. As I stated in my post for this album, “Amputechture” has definitely split its fan base with mixed reviews. But it is because of its wild performance that I cannot forget this album.

1. “Frances The Mute”

the mars volta frances the mute

Jazzy, classy, amazing. “Frances The Mute” at one point was considered my favorite album of all time. Everyone should hear this album at least once.

There you have it: Crash And Ride Music’s Top 5 Best The Mars Volta albums. But more importantly, what albums make up YOUR Top 5, and why?


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