prehistoric animals

Single Review: Prehistoric Animals – One Day Came A Ghost

Swedish alternative metal band Prehistoric Animals released their first single last month called “One Day Came A Ghost”. This duo has created a fantastic debut single with great production value, and an interesting mix between heavier, metal pieces with poppy, airy vocals and synthesizers. With influences from bands like Porcupine Tree, Mew, Muse, and Katatonia,…

arcane roots blood and chemistry

Album Review: Arcane Roots – Blood & Chemistry

I found this next band using one of my five methods of finding new music. After searching Coheed and Cambria’s homepage a year ago, I noticed they were touring with two special guest bands as their openers, one of them whom I instantly fell in love with. Although I did not have the chance to see this band live, I was instantly hooked on their new album. After several listens came a long period of time without hearing their album. Only recently have I put Arcane Roots’ newest album back on my iPhone, and I’ve realized how much I’ve missed it.