Album Review: Farol Cego – Zenite

I may not speak Spanish, but I have a strange fascination with Latin and South American music. The beats are always very catchy, and the lyrics feel like they are sung with more passion than many American songs. After asking Reddit followers for music suggestions, I was introduced to a entirely different band than something I would ordinarily review. Coming from Brazil, Farol Cego was able to catch my attention from such a vast distance. Thank you Internet for linking us together!

slaves though art we are all equals

Album Review: Slaves – Through Art We Are All Equals

This next band is fronted by a man that I have tremendous respect for. Through all the hardships he has faced in his life, he was still able to pick himself up and continue doing what he loves. My wife and I have seen him live only once, but he blew us away, putting on one of the most amazing vocal performances we have ever seen. Fronting his new band Slaves, Jonny Craig has yet again shown those who support him and those who hate him that he is not going anywhere.

anubis hitchhiking to byzantium

Album Review: Anubis – Hitchhiking to Byzantium

I found this next band again off the website Progarchives. At the time, their album was newly released, and was one of the most talked about albums on the entire site. I immediately felt like I had to listen to them since so many of my peers felt so strongly about this album. After a search on Google, and sifting through many other artists with the same name, I finally found the band Anubis.