miroist curve

Album Review: Miroist – Curve

I have always felt that instrumental albums are hit and miss. It is very difficult to tell between a “good” instrumental album and a “bad” one. I can only determine a “good” instrumental album to be one that I play as much as any other album, while a “bad” one becomes lost and forgotten in my iTunes Library. This next album obviously falls into the “good” section (I wouldn’t be writing about it otherwise!). After searching Bandcamp for new material, I came across the band Miroist, a solo project from London. Spanning from progressive metal, to djent, ambient rock, post-metal, and even electronica, their latest album “Curve” is different from many of the albums I’ve already reviewed.


TesseracT – Altered State

This next album features a band that was included in this year’s Sonisphere lineup in the UK. After scrolling through the long list of bands in attendance, I came upon the band TesseracT. Before Sonisphere, I had never heard of them. After some basic research, I found out how renowned the band was in other countries, how they have been together for many years, and have released two albums. Being compared to bands like Periphery and Between the Buried and Me on other websites, I thought I’d give this band a shot.