Alter Bridge – Blackbird

I can easily hear the difference between this album and their last album, as the music is much heavier and the lyrics are more powerful, creating more chances of head-bobbing and playing the air-guitar. Separating themselves from the Creed-like sound of their last album, the album begins with a bang, as the first two song “Ties That Bind” and “Come To Life” prove their new direction. Relying on heavier riffs and bassier tones, “Blackbird” stands out as one of the premier hard rock albums released in 2007.


Machines Dream – Machines Dream

This next band comes straight from my Twitter account. After sifting through the list of unsigned rock bands on the internet, I came across the band Machines Dream. Advertising their influences of Pink Floyd, Genesis, Marillion, King Crimson and Tool on their website, I immediately listened to their self-titled debut album “Machines Dream.” I have to say, they are dead on with their influences.