the moody blues

Top 5: Best The Moody Blues Albums

English progressive/symphonic rock band The Moody Blues were considered one of the first inspirations for the progressive rock movement. With core members Graeme Edge, Justin Hayward, and John Lodge, The Moody Blues have released sixteen albums over the span of fifty years, their most recent being “December” in 2003. With their trademark sound of numerous vocalists and symphonic…


Fire Garden – Sound of Majestic Colors

This next band is another one that I’ve found since I started my Twitter account. When I first started my account, I was scrolling through my list of followers and noticed how many bands were following my page. I felt impelled to go through them and start sampling each band, a ritual I still do. I came across the band Fire Garden, and was immediately drawn to their music.


The Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed

Over the weekend, I had the chance to see a symphony perform at the Balboa Theater in downtown San Diego. Not having seen one in a long time, I was truly mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the orchestra. I was not only entertained by the sounds of the various instruments, but also by the movement of each performer, being directed by the conductor. I never realized how visually stunning an orchestra can be. With that vibe coming into this article, I decided I had to review an album that used a symphony as well, so I thought to myself: What band uses a symphony?